The Proverbial “Why” Question

“He that nothing questions, nothing learns.”

So the question we need to ask is, “Why was the universe created?” It is a question asked by many and one that is usually avoided at all costs. But it is an important question that evokes other questions: Who are we and why are we here at this time? Is there a purpose to life? And how can we go beyond most life problems? Based on our earlier discussions, we realize that energy is never created nor destroyed, and therefore, we have always been present in time. At the beginning of time we were part of the unitary force behind creation, in a formless energy dimension. Then with the single explosive impulse of the Big Bang, we became a small piece in the enormous expansion. But what was the force behind the impulse, call it what you want, but let us name it, the creator. There had to be some intention, a purpose for evolution, where the formless became form and the one became many. Let us envision what it must have been like just prior to this event. Imagine that everything was in a joyful, peaceful state. Not dissimilar to meditation where no desire, no time existed. As the creator surmises everything, there is nothing but stillness, infinity. Perfectly happy with the present state, the creator envisions the possibility of creation, a heavenly host of many. Is this possible? Why should the creator do such a thing? And most importantly, is all this conjecture? It is not speculation, it must have happened because we are here asking this very question right now—so it must have happened 13.7 billion years ago. And we are the only specie that knows, since we have the ability to contemplate, be self-reflective, and experience conscious awareness. We are not only a part of the creation, through this conscious awareness, we were the purpose and are the reason for everything in this universe. But why and what you ask “Does this have to do with me?” If you agree with the premise and there is no reason to disbelieve it, then you have an enormous moral responsibility. The creator can only experience a life form through you. When you see a beautiful sunset, you are struck with the beauty, your being is aware, and you respond with emotion. You are one piece of the many, the sum of which is the One. If you are negative, the creator feels that sentiment; but if you are joyful, the creator celebrates in your thoughts and feelings. Surely, this is the purpose of human evolution.

2 thoughts on “The Proverbial “Why” Question”

  1. Hi Richard,
    I enjoyed your Udemy course and books, I don’t agree completely with your views and have a few thoughts on the topic above.

    Why does there have to be a reason for our existence or for the creation the Universe?

    Is that not simple, one-dimensional thinking? There is no reason – other than the reason we give it. We are no different to simple organisms that – as H. G. Wells put it – “swarm and multiply in a single drop of water”. We may have developed beyond this point, and in the process developed consciousness – with the ability to question our place in the Universe – but how does that prove we are here for a reason?

    Are we not like any other species on the planet, and possibly the Universe? Striving to survive, with possible more control over our destiny – but possibly on the verge of self-extinction.

    Is this not a purely self-indulgent, arrogant and egotistical view, that the universe is here for our amusement?

    Really, are we that important? I doubt it.

    Surely, by believing or attributing our existence to a creator or deity(s), we are only giving ourselves an excuse for not taking full responsibility for our actions. Is this the final nail in our coffin? Having faith in a creator or deity that will guide us (if you consider ancient texts that glorify slavery, the subjection of women and selling your children – amount other things – a valid guide, you may be part of the problem), when actually we are the masters of our destiny and the only ones who can save our planet and all upon it.


    1. Hi Phillip,

      I very much appreciate your time, insights and thoughts on my latest blog.

      Of course we will never know the “right” answer with any degree of certainty. I could easily respond with, “We are simply a product of the past, our culture, environment,” and as you might have guessed I had a somewhat strong religious upbringing. But my present thoughts are based on giving conscious importance to the present moment, a shift from mindless to a mindful way of thinking. I do sometimes believe, however, that the “creator” concept muddies the water with respect to taking the responsibility outside of the self. The question might be, “Do we need to have a belief system to move forward?” Most of our spiritual leaders would probably say, “no.” Arguments can be justified either way, and in the state of current happenings, possibly believing in the self might do some good. For me, I am not there yet. We can only narrate what we feel and think, test it out, receive valuable input from people like yourself.

      The egotistical view that you mentioned is an important one for me and one that I daily wrestle with. It is a journey and hope my ego does not interfere too much within and in all my outer relationships. I strongly believe we have a responsibility to our planet, to provide “good stewardship” in our environment and towards all life forms that inhabit our earth. So I do believe we both agree here.

      My incentive in continuing on with this work is driven by my students at the university where I taught for many years (I am a retiree), and now the wonderful connections that have been made through the online course and supplementary blogs and videos. And may I extend a BIG thank you Phillip for the opportunity to become “virtual” friends.

      Kind regards, Richard

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