"A delightfully eloquent and wise guide to the process of awakening, showing us how we can open up to a new mode of being in everyday life. The greatest strength is its sheer practicality--it is filled with useful exercises and tips. It would be wonderful if it could be used as an actual college course--then it would show us the real meaning of the term 'education.'"

Steve Taylor Ph.D, senior university lecturer and author of many best-selling books including The Fall, Back to Sanity, The Calm Center, The Leap

“Turning the Self Inside-Out” is the most significant self-discovery course empowering for all and especially the youth. It transcends all of the nuggets from the best sellers and the wisdom from the ages then distills these essential truths into “the” one coherent “practical” guide for personal fulfillment, happiness, and maximum potential. A definitive accessible masterpiece of insight!!

Stephen Ibaraki, Distinguished Fellow, Advanced Technology Lifetime Achievement Award, IT Hero Award, Gary Hadford Award, ten Microsoft awards (incl. Global Gold Awards, Most Valuable Professional 2006-2017).

"As a young professional, this course has provided invaluable guidance in my quest to gain work-life balance and to find meaning in my daily life. I found the guide a very interesting parallel to my new world of work. The lessons and reflections discussed fit perfectly with many of the rewarding and struggling experiences I had during my first 'glimpse' into the career world I was joining.

This course is a necessary tool for any young person searching to balance the many pressures and competing demands of growing up in modern society. The defining struggle of my generation seems to be a need to balance the drive for a successful career with the desire to enjoy our personal lives to the fullest while we are young.

The guide is an extremely valuable asset and tool for all college-level students that will help them better plan and prepare for their future both professionally and personally. "

Asst. Professor Dr. Bethany Hastie, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia.

"I found this book really appropriate for me at my stage of life. What with all the changes taking place at work – I find myself questioning who am I and what it is I want to do with my life. I find it hard to be optimistic all the time. So many of the chapters in the book resonate deeply within me. I find whenever I put the book down, I am still thinking about what I've read. I tried the "washing dishes" technique when I find myself thinking too much or stressing out. It's hard to get rid of negative thoughts but if I concentrate really hard the technique does work! Also I'm happy to say that the book is turning me into more of a 'being' person than a 'doing' one."

Barbara Stechysin Web Content Producer, McGill University, Montreal.

"This course lays out a series of crucial steps toward achieving self-awareness. In today's fast-paced society, it is very easy to fill one's mind with thoughts and distractions without consciously realizing what they are or whether or not they are helpful to one's life. These lectures, so far, have been valuable in helping me to be conscious of what I am thinking and how I am responding to the stressors that I experience on a daily basis. Each section is creatively presented and well-organized to facilitate contemplation and self-reflection. I am looking forward to progressing further through this course, as I am confident that it will be an invaluable resource to me, and to those who listen to it, at such a crucial time of life and personal development."

Lauren Nickerson student, School of Law, University of Toronto.

"This book presents a unique approach based on 12 paradigms that leads the reader down the path towards self awareness. It is both rich in references to other resources and also contains original and profound author insights.

Although aimed primarily at young adults, I as a parent find the contents to be inspiring, informative and thought provoking reading for adults of all ages.

My hope is that my children will read the book and benefit from the gems of wisdom contained within."

Joe Komorski a parent of 3 young adults ages 28, 25, 21

"I wish, I had the opportunity to complete this course (or read the book) when I was in my 20s. It would have helped me respond to some of the inevitable challenges in life in a much calmer and wiser way … and avoid most of the stress associated with them. We all would have moments (usually later in life) when we would say “I wish, I reacted differently in this and that situation” or “I wish, I saw this and that event the way I see it now.” For that reason, I would strongly recommend the “Turning the Self Inside Out” course to everyone and, especially, to young adults. This course can also be a powerful tool counselors could recommend to people dealing with various challenges and stress."

George Nikolov Phd, Professor, School of Business, Capilano University​

"Reflections on Life Issues is destined to be on the best sellers list. Richard suggests conscious awareness could be the answer to many of our problems. A 'must read' for all wishing to solve perplexing life issues."

John Cotling North West Christian Meditation, Fr. John Main Foundation, UK