Reality & Truths

“Most truths exist for a small period of time, until they are proven to be fallacies.”

Why does injustice, poverty, pollution, hunger, over-population, economic and political disorder still prevail in our world? Why does humanity have so many problems? Are we incapable or do we lack the desire to solve these irksome problems? What can we possibly do to rectify the malaise? We can follow the mainstream, and join a foundation which advocates administering to these problems. But doesn’t it seem obvious that any group is simply an extention of similar like-minded individuals, most of whom have failed in the past? And is it possible, that by creating disparate groups, we propagate division and fail to unify humankind? How then, can any organization solve our issues, no matter how well intended? Is there a better solution to our problems?

A plausible alternative would be a holistic approach. Let me explain. We and everything around us exist in space. We are humanly connected to all matter limited by the dimension of space and time. Currently we do not live life from a ‘connected foundation’. The diagnosis is that our perception of life is misaligned because of our fragmented view of reality.

Possibly, you can accept the concepts presented here, but are skeptical about a prescriptive holistic suggestion. Consider the following (hopefully) convincing fact: A billion or so years ago the earth orbited the sun – thus there was a necessary connection between the earth and sun. Yet at that time, before our human evolution, there were no truths, simply a physical reality abiding by natural laws. This is very important, as libraries are full of books written about truths. Most of which have been proven to be incorrect (Wasn`t there a time when we believed the sun orbited the earth, that the earth was flat?). Human truths are mostly conjectures, assumptions based on our limited knowledge—merely concepts that we make up, an illusion of the mind. Einstein explained it in these terms: “A human being is part of the whole called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest: A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.”

We must be optimistic that we can eventually resolve our inadequacies; not based on organizations, systems, religion, beliefs, or ideology, but moreso, on individuals like you and me. Yes, the future must start with each one of us. We cannot depend on others to solve our own problems, let alone rectify the more complex world problems. The hope is that we will embrace the whole of life, and in doing so, ultimately recognize what is right and good, follow a path of truths, and reconcile our differences. It is imperative that we make the changes from within, immediately, with seriousness.


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