A Point of No Return

“It happens a little at a time, until you find you can’t go back.”

We are at a point in human history when there is an urgent need for change. We are in the throes of troubled, uncertain times where wrong is right and right is wrong; and confusion reigns supreme. The old ways are no longer applicable. Crime, security, terrorism, overpopulation, poverty, global warming, the environment, political instability and wars all beg creative and time-relevant solutions. Added to these global issues, we have individual concerns of: unemployment, finances, relationships, peer pressure, status, racial discrimination, drugs and addiction, and the on-gong gun control in the US. All these issues create major anxieties, depression, even suicides. Agreeably these are not new concerns but they require immediate and urgent attention. Time is working against us, resources are rapidly depleting, thus the focus of scientific knowledge needs to be realigned. We need to re-engineer our thinking in order to solve these problems; otherwise we may engineer our demise. Ken Wilber remarks that, “Whatever the process of evolution was, it seems to have an incredible intelligence—from matter to life to mind to conscious awareness. But strangely the very mechanisms that allowed evolution to become conscious of itself were simultaneously working to engineer its own extinction.” Simply stated if we are to alter our current chaotic state an innovative approach is necessary. We must utilize universal intelligence combined with every available resource to revamp our thinking and alter our path to self destruction. A revolution is needed, not externally, but from within. Now is definitely the time for change. We are teetering on the edge. Sadly, we may have reached a point where there is no turning back.


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