A Revolution of Kindness & Compassion

Only when taking advantage of one another completely disappears will the need for revolution cease, and love becomes the driving force for constant change.”     J. Krishnamurti

Of late, we have witnessed uprising and revolution occurring in cities and countries throughout the world. A revolution, that started through the social media, and has now spilled on to the streets. The US 2016 presidential election is but one example. Will this latest Internet power rally be an agent for future societal changes? Will the intention and action of those involved lead to right action, a right direction for the future? Some suggest a change is necessary to rid countries of despots who blatantly disregard human values. But change based on an idea is not a revolution; any idea born out of memory, is a reaction. Our mind is a series of reactions, and any envisioned change, is merely a modification of what has been. We call it a revolution, but it is not. All ideas functionally separate us: We have an idea, we want to form a new group, and we may wish to include everyone in our group; exactly as the previous believer did. We want to pave the way for improvements, the same argument used by the last leader. Neither the new nor the old is necessarily interested in a better world, but wants to formulate changes based on their ideology.

We could use the United States as an argument of a successful revolution which brought about beneficial changes. However, historical evidence indicates that ideas, no matter how noble, divide us. Even religion, like any other ideology, is a thing of the mind, and therefore unduly separate us. The example in America is but a translation according to our own conditioning and particular prejudices.  The ideology of the American Revolution, and recently the revolution in Russia, epitomizes equality, freedom. And at first we are what the idea represents. But given time, we become a separate and divided nation. Functionally, we have various layers in society which are not representative of the ideology.

Inequality is a fact; a revolution will not change the fact. What a revolution does is substitute one group for another.  The new group assumes power, strengthens itself, empowers itself with privileges, and becomes a thing of the past. History repeats itself, with yet another idea, another theory, another dream.

Is there another approach that will not divide us one from the other? Could an alternative mode exist if an idea or a reaction was not the motivating factor? When an idea ceases what comes about? We only have to explore our individual relationship with one another to find the answer. A relationship based on an idea of what we want, a means to an end, is exploitation. But a relationship grounded in love is the only unitive force that will bring about right intention, right action. A revolution that pits people against one other, to create further antagonism and division, is certainly not the answer.  What is needed is a revolution borne from compassion and kindness. Only when the flag, ideology, taking advantage of one another disappears will love rush in, and love will become the fundamental revolution for constant change.

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