Dissatisfaction is the driving force of human life –
a dissatisfaction that’s rooted inside us,
in our disconnection from the world
and the turbulence of our being.

But we don’t recognise its source
and think that it comes from outside us.

And so we’re always looking for someone to blame, except ourselves.
We’re sure someone’s responsible for our discontent, but don’t know who it is,
as if crimes are being committed against us secretly
and everyone is a potential suspect.

And we’re always looking for stories to make sense of the world –
conspiracy theories that convince us
that people are plotting against us, to keep us dissatisfied
and myths that draw straight lines between right and wrong
between what should satisfy us and what doesn’t
and metaphysical maps of bizarre beliefs
that tell us where we came from, where we are and where we’re going
and promise us that one day, we will be satisfied.

And we’re always looking to change our lives
to add things, take them away, or to just to re-arrange the pieces,
sure that someday we’ll find the right balance, or combination
and the puzzle will finally be solved.

And so we’re always ready to be deceived
by the crazy promises of politicians
and the tricks of advertisers, and marketing teams
(that tell us that their trinkets will brings us satisfaction)
and our own absurd dreams of success.

And so we never find satisfaction –
unless we eventually reach a point
when we’re so weary and worn down by the endless fruitless search
that we cry out “That’s it! I can’t do this anymore!”
And then it suddenly strikes us –
we’ve been looking in the wrong direction!

So finally we turn away from the world,
and begin to look inside, the last remaining place.
And straight away we sense that we’re on the right track,
that this is the road that will take us home
as we calm our inner turbulence, and transcend our separation
and find the true source of satisfaction.

Published, with kind permission, by Steve Taylor senior university psychology lecturer, author of Waking From Sleep, Back to Sanity, Waking from Sleep and most recently The Leap.

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