A New Beginning

We are at a point in time when there is urgent need for change. The old ways are just not working. We have global problems involving wars, security, refugees, overpopulation, deforestation, hunger, poverty, global warming. Worrisome national problems centered on the populous movement with political undertones of hatred, terrorism, animal rights, aging population, unemployment. Individual issues like cyber bullying, social acceptance, physical appearance, peer pressure, drugs, even information overload. These stresses produce a state of anxiety, stress and depression. These types of issues have arguably been around in the past, but unfortunately, they keep appearing and at an accelerated alarming rate. What can we do?

In the past, we had enough time and financial resources to cope and make necessary changes. The recurring issues mentioned not only require enormous resources which are diminishing rather than increasing, but also demand urgent and immediate responses. We need to take individual responsibility and re-engineer our thinking, in order to solve these problems.

Psychologist Ken Wilber writes “Whatever the process of evolution was, it seems to have an incredible intelligence – from matter to life to mind to conscious awareness. But it is strange that the very mechanisms that allowed evolution to become conscious of itself were simultaneously working to engineer its’ extinction.”





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