Our Hope

My hope is that one day we will reach the conclusion that there is little we can do to change/improve the self in our present state of being. Quite a sombre revelation! And undoubtedly not what you really want to contemplate.

Since currently we are primarily engaged in accumulating, becoming better, greater, aspiring, reaching higher and outwardly finding success while hoping to gain happiness, all apparently worthwhile goals, many lack fulfillment, feel inadequate, are perhaps even dissatisfied with where they have wound up. Why so? Has our so-called success been achieved at the expense of others? Too little time for our loved ones, our friends, our own personal well-being.  Admittedly this being so, we need to change.  This sameness needs to be addressed. And to change what is, we need to begin with an inner change, we need to work on our very being—our self. We need to refresh our way of thinking, shift our attitudes and get in touch with the reality of what is and who we truly are.

Simply stated, we are suggesting that you observe what is going on inside you. Notice your actions and reactions. Is your comprehension of life justified, correct, proper? Are you living in a material or spiritual or political world, where you believe that the populous movement is taking hold for the better. These associations are merely labels, names, conjectures, opinions; fraught with distortions, untruths, even illusions. Not much in the way of reality. You need to sit back, observe, reflect, allow yourself to experience a dramatic shift in your consciousness, your thinking process, your world-view. When you free the self, your essential being has the power to heal, revitalize, enlighten because you are no longer interfering with the inner self, allowing you to become the person you were always meant to be.