What is Turning the Self Inside Out?

It's about taking control of your life, doing what is right, for you

In a recent millennium study of young adults, the question was asked, "What do you hope to achieve in your life-time?" The most common response from them was "money and fame."

In a much earlier Harvard study, which began in 1930 and completed in 2015, 2000 children were randomly selected. They were asked, "In hindsight, what do you consider makes for true happiness, satisfaction  and well-being?" Of the 60 who were still living in 2015, 80% answered "Good relationships, as defined by trust, honesty, appreciation, and thoughtfulness."

Which of these two answers do you prefer, the former, looking forward, the latter, looking back?

Proof of Concept

Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Waldinger, the latest director of the long Harvard study, reported, "It is primarily the quality and not the quantity of the relationship that counts." Throughout the many years of the study Dr. Waldinger relates, "It became obvious, from the ongoing 2-year reviews, that the participants realized that happiness was the most important criteria." In fact money and fame, in the final survey was not even a consideration.


The course I have developed is about you and your relationship with the whole of life. The premise is, if you agree, by taking action early in life it will pay dividends in your future happiness and well-being. This can occur if you take control of your life, and become consciously aware of the self within. In order to do this a shift in consciousness is needed, a completely different way of thinking by literally, working from the inside out, as explained in the Udemy course Turning the Self Inside Out.

Why (The Purpose)?

We are at a point in human history when there is urgent need for change. The old ways are just not working. Our conceptualization of reality is based on seeing things from the outside and translating what we see with a confused intellectual mind. What is needed is a new approach where we see reality holistically from the inside and tap into an outside universal intelligence. This change requires a systematic shift in our consciousness. If there is a path that leads us towards a better future, would you not take it? And if you want to make a difference in this world for yourself and others, would you not embark on the journey? Our course Turning the Self Inside Out is a life-changer, a road to happiness, fulfillment and a vision for a much better future. Join me in the quest and discover a more purposeful life.